Ranking the King Georges from best to worst [SLIDESHOW]

The royal baby is no longer nameless. The (probable) future King of England now goes by the mouthful of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s name choice follows the centuries-old tradition of King Georges; there have been six King Georges before him.

Although he is only 48 or so hours old, let’s see how this George stacks up to the rest of them. (So far, he hasn’t done anything that impressive.)

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  • 1. Future King George VII (est. July 22, 2013) has not yet ascended the throne, but so far he hasn't done anything to prove himself worthy of the monarchy. So far, he is the most worthless of all the Georges. (Photo credit should read CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)
  • 2. King George III (1760-1820) THIS GUY. Not only could he not win a war against a bunch of untrained American rebels, he lost pretty much all of his North American territories during the Revolutionary War. He did beat Napoleon, but had such severe mental illness that his son had to govern for him later in his life. This is who your son will always be compared to, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (Photo: Wikimedia)
  • 3. By most accounts, King George I (1714-1727) was disliked during his reign because people thought he was pretty dumb. He apparently could not speak English until late in his life, which made him a point of ridicule in Great Britain. He was called "dull," "awkward," "selfish" and "uncouth." (Photo: Wikimedia)
  • 4. King George II (1727-1760) was called a "buffoon," a "faintly ludicrous king" and was criticized for letting his wife and ministers govern for him, but he was no tyrant and didn't really do anything to offend his people. Still, he has one of the weakest legacies among British monarchs. (Photo: Wikimedia)
  • 5. King George IV (1820-1830) only had the throne by default because his dad was a looney tune, and he also only wore the crown for 10 years before he kicked the bucket himself. This George was reportedly very charming and fashionable, but did little to nothing as Lord Liverpool ran the kingdom through Parliament. (Photo: Wikimedia)
  • 6. King George VI (1936-1952) stepped up and took the throne from his brother Edward who wanted to marry an American floosy. This George is said to have restored popularity in the monarchy among the British people because he was a dedicated family man and a nice enough guy. (Photo: Wikimedia)
  • 7. King George V (1910-1936) served his country in the navy and was a dedicated family man. He held up Great Britain during World War I and was reportedly a pleasant dude. (Photo: Wikimedia)

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