McAuliffe: Why am I emailing you about sodomy?

Patrick Howley | Political Reporter

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign manager sent an email to supporters Thursday with the subject line, “Why am I emailing you about sodomy?”

“Instead of focusing on the pressing issues facing the commonwealth, Ken Cuccinelli is spending his time supporting an anti-sodomy law that criminalizes consensual sex between adults. Seriously,” campaign manager Robby Mook’s email alleges, claiming that McAuliffe’s Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli plans to re-instate the crimes against nature law, which would “outlaw oral sex among consenting adults, married people, all kinds of folks, making it a felony.”

“We need to raise $100,000 by the end of July to make sure Virginia’s next governor is someone who is focused on jobs — not someone who is fighting for an outdated and offensive law,” the email states.

“Cuccinelli’s views about the LGBT community are so strong, he’s willing to put his political capital on the line to try and restrict the private lives of all Virginians. Maybe that’s not surprising, since this is the same candidate who called being gay a ‘personal challenge’ during last weekend’s debate,” the email states.

Cuccinelli, the attorney general of Virginia, has recently come under fire for his so-called “War on Oral Sex.” Even “The View” host Sherri Shepard overshared to announce that if oral sex is equivalent to gay sex then she, Shepard, is “gayer than a gay two-dollar bill.”

(The two-dollar bill is legal tender in the United States. Shepard was apparently misremembering the phrase “queer as three-dollar bill.”)

Cuccinelli launched a website this week called to clarify his controversial position on the issue. Cuccinelli claims that Virginia’s anti-sodomy law helps law enforcement officials prosecute sex crimes involving minors over the age of 15 as felonies.

“90: The number of sexual predators in neighborhoods across the commonwealth that could come off Virginia’s sex offender registry if a Virginia law used to protect children is not upheld,” according to the website.

It is currently unclear whether the McAuliffe campaign’s sodomy-themed email will help him meet his fundraising goals, but the man is a self-proclaimed master of the fundraising arts.

McAuliffe, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, not only left his wife Dorothy’s side while she was in labor in order to attend a Washington Post fundraiser, but also took his wife and newborn son to a fundraiser on their way home from the hospital, according to his own memoir.

“I felt bad for Dorothy, but it was a million bucks for the Democratic Party,” McAuliffe wrote.

McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli 43 to 39 percent, according to a poll released last week.

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