Top 7 political selfies [SLIDESHOW]

Mixing politics and Twitter has the tendency to produce cringe-inducing results, whether it be Anthony Weiner’s latest exploits or old men bonding with swimsuit models under the guise of paternity.

Even worse is when a smart phone is added into the mix. Suddenly, embarrassing self-taken pictures, or “selfies,” of political figures are popping up everywhere.

Try not to groan as you check out these seven political selfies. (Warning, Weiner was not spared from this DC slideshow!)

Click an image below for larger version.
  • Who is this selfie stud that we wish we could un-see? New York's own Anthony Weiner. (Photo: Reuters)
  • Rick Perry makes sure to pose for a selfie while on a run in 2005. (Photo: AP)
  • Vice President Joe Biden poses for a selfie. (Photo: Screengrab)
  • Actress Meryl Streep and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton take a selfie in 2012. (Photo: AP)
  • Oh, Geraldo. Please, please put your shirt back on. Rivera later deleted the pic and posted "Note to self. No tweeting after 1am" to his Twitter page. (Photo: Twitter)
  • Like mother, like daughter! Chelsea and Hillary Clinton take a selfie pic together. (Photo: Twitter)
  • We warned you. But hey, at least it's censored! (Photo: The Dirty)

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