Vladimir Putin catches biggest fish in the history of fish [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Steven Seagal’s best friend and fantastical bald man Vladimir Putin recently caught the biggest fish in the history of fish and then kissed it on its giant head.

The Kremlin posted a video of the Russian president on a boat and noted that Putin wrestled with the pike for a whole three minutes before getting her into the boat, which is totally a thing that definitely happened, the Los Angeles Times reports. (Despite what you may assume from the edited video, in no way was the fish caught by someone else and placed into the net.)

In the video, Putin tries to hold the fish up and an aide off camera says, “Vladimir Vladimirovich, be careful, she can bite.”

“I will bite her myself,” Putin retorts, and kisses her on the head.

According to Putin’s spokesman, the pike weighed a massive 46.5 pounds, but many have noted that the fish is most likely half that size.

Putin has been photographed with tranquilized tigers and, in 2011, Putin staged a stunt i he emerged from the Black Sea with two ancient urns.

Last year, Putin used a hang glider to help a flock of cranes migrate. Earlier this year, Putin claimed that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave him a Super Bowl ring to keep forever.


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