These middle schoolers’ ‘Breaking Bad’ musical is incredible [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Need a “Breaking Bad” refresher of every insane thing that has happened over the past four and a half seasons before the final eight episodes start airing next Sunday? Look no further than “Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical.”

It’s exactly what it sounds like: A group of preteens performing an abridged version of “Breaking Bad,” from Walt’s cancer diagnosis, his fat, bald brother-in-law and Los Pollos Hermanos. Instead of meth, the Walt and Jesse are making “rock candy” in this parent-approved version. (But mini Gus Fring still kills people with a box cutter, so not all of the original PG-13 violence is lost.)

There is even a hypothetical ending to the series, although it is not nearly as violent and depressing as the actual ending will probably be. (The kid dressed as a miniature Tio Salamanca — complete with partial baldness, wheelchair and bell — is the best part. Give these kids all the Tony awards.)


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