10 specials that would be better than Shark Week [SLIDESHOW]

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week special kicked off this past Sunday, and we really couldn’t care less.

Shark Week, which aired for the first time in 1987, is one of television’s most overrated summer specials. It may have been cool the first few times, but after airing the same shows over and over again, the week-long affair really lost its bite. 

Now it is time for the crew over at Discovery to start brainstorming for next summer’s big special.

You’re welcome, guys.

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  • Kate Upton Week. Who are we kidding? Every week should be Kate Upton week.
  • Grunge Week. Because we'd all like to go back to the time before Justin Bieber killed music forever.
  • Arms Week. A celebration of our favorite amendment next to the one that lets us say whatever we want.
  • Booze Week. "But babe, it's educational!"
  • Peak Week. Volcanoes really haven't been getting the coverage they deserve. Until now. (Photo from bbc.co.uk)
  • Beef Week. This would ideally play out like a week-long marathon of Man vs. Food.
  • (Photo from webpronews.com).
  • Narc Week. From Meth Monday to Speed Sunday, this week-long special would cover all your favorite drugs. Except heroin. There's nothing cool about heroin.
  • Sloth Week. We dare you to find an animal more badass than the sloth (Photo from living.msn.com).
  • Nicolas Cage Week. Nic Cage eats sharks for breakfast.

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