‘Breaking Bad’: See murderous meth dealer Walter White in bad 80’s commercials [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Bryan Cranston has pulled off the greatest performance in television history as the docile chemistry teacher-turned-murderous meth dealer during his five seasons as Walter White/Heisenberg in the wildly popular TV show, “Breaking Bad.”

But Cranston’s transformation into the villainous drug lord is made even more impressive when taken in context with his entire oeuvre. 

The fine people of UPROXX did the world public service and dug up some of Cranston’s earliest commercial work, which includes 80’s ads for Coors Light, coffee creamer and JC Penney. (Only a bespectacled Cranston could make Preparation H appealing.)

Sit back and watch this master class in acting as Heisenberg tries to sell you bug repellant and deodorant soap.


Preparation H, early 80’s

Shield soap, early 80’s

Coors Light, 1987

Coffeemate, 1988


JC Penney

“Breaking Bad,” 2011

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