6 famous leakers [SLIDESHOW]

Former National Security Agency contracter Edward Snowden — some say whistleblower, some say traitor, and others, like President Barack Obama, say “not a patriot” — has gotten plenty of media coverage recently.

All the focus on Snowden has left other leakers out in the cold, so the Daily Caller is reintroducing them. Here are a few famous people who should probably be seeking places to hide… but for a different reason than Snowden.

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  • No surprise that Snooki made the list. She even sprayed herself with perfume after the incident.
  • Liam Neeson wet himself again? And AGAIN?
  • Fergie famously peed her pants while performing onstage in 2005
  • Marie Osmond laughed so hard she peed herself while performing onstage with her brother
  • Liam Neeson had an accident partying in Istanbul recently
  • Adam Sandler as Billy Madison stated, "you aint cool, unless you pee your pants"
  • Audrina Patridge, a star from The Hills, poses for the camera as her sister stares shamefully at her wet pants