‘Erotic grammy’ demands $54 million from Colorado GOP

Former GOP candidate Jaxine Bubis is demanding $54 million from Republican Party leaders, claiming they defamed her by passing around copies of erotic literature she’d written under a pen name.

The self-described “erotic grammy” saw her political support erode after it became known that she penned “50 Shades of Gray”-style titles under the name Jaxine Daniels.

She blamed states GOP chairman Ryan Call and others for that lose of support, demanding $54 million in a rambling “notice of obligation” that liberal blog ColoradoPols said is very similar to “templates used by members of the sovereign citizens movement.”

The paperwork demands an immediate $1 million “down payment” from those she lists as debtors with the remainder due within 90 days.

Bernie Herpin — the official GOP candidate taking on Colorado Senate President Morse — is listed as a debtor, as is El Paso County GOP chairman Jeff Hays and others. Bubis claims the debtors used pirated copies of her book erotic book “Beantown Heat” to “intimidate, slander, libel and defame” her.

Bubis racked up an impressive list of GOP endorsements — including by Republican state senators Owen Hill and Randy Baumgardner, who are running to oppose Sen. Mark Udall in the U.S. Senate — before her past as an erotic novelist was revealed in early July.

In an email to The Daily Caller News Foundation at the time, Bubis wrote that she got into soft-porn lit to help pay the bills as a stay-at-home mom. She wrote that “Beantown Heat” sold fewer than 50 copies and has been off the market for eight years.

In her notice, Bubis claimed Call and others illegally downloaded copies found on the Internet and passed them around, which “terrorize[d] and brought fear” to her. She also attached a criminal complaint to the notice in which she alleges several crimes, including “terrorist conspiracy to trespass, injure and harm a woman.”

She claims $18 million in damages, trebled to account for the crimes against a woman allegation.