Quarterly data shows employment stalled

Unemployment rose in 21 states and declined in 27 states during the last three months, according to a new analysis by a left-of-center advocacy group, the Economic Policy Institute.

“In the midst of this ongoing economic train-wreck, national and state policymakers need to redouble their efforts to create good jobs that put working families on a sound path to economic security,” said a statement from the left-wing group.

Last week, Gallup reported that only 35 percent of the public gives a positive rating to President Barack Obama, who is spending much of his time protecting Obamacare and promoting increased immigration.

California added only 51,300 jobs over three months, bringing its total of full-time or part-time employees up to 14.65 million. That’s a 0.002 percent increase.

Michigan gained 39,600 jobs, boosting its employment rolls 0.009 percent to 4,094,700, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The largest percentage gains in employment over the quarter was only 1.1. percent, and that was seen in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Georgia and Iowa.

The EPI statement includes a map showing jobs lost or gained since December 2007.

Overall, the number of jobs has dropped by 5.7 percent since late 2007, the map showed.

Nevada’s employment rolls have fallen by 10.7 percent, Florida is down 5 percent, Illinois is down 3.2 percent, California is down 3.5 percent, and Virginia is down 0.2 percent.

New York has gained 1.1 percent, Texas is up 6.2 percent and North Dakota is up by 23.1 percent because of the state’s oil boom.

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