8 biopics the world needs now [SLIDESHOW]

Whether it’s this year’s “Jobs,” Oliver Stone’s forgettable “The Doors” or even Jim Carrey’s turn in “Man on the Moon” about screwball comedian Andy Kaufman, the biopic has been a Hollywood staple for decades.

Although the life story is a movie genre that generally meets with mixed reviews, moviegoers are usually eager to have some deeper insight into the life of an interesting  person.

There have been some great biopics and some not-so-great biopics, but there are a few life stories that Hollywood has missed out on altogether. Here are eight of them.

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  • Who? Oscar Pistorius. Working Title: "Blade Runner 2." Tagline: Will Oscar be left without a leg to stand on? Potential Cast: Bradley Cooper as Oscar Pistorius; Charlize Theron as Pistorius' girlfriend; Chris Tucker as Usain Bolt.
  • Who? Nicolas Cage. Working Title: "Caged In." Tagline: And on the seventh day, God created Nicolas Cage. Potential Cast: Keanu Reeves as Nicolas Cage; Nicolas Cage as everyone else.
  • Who? All of the Victoria's Secret models.
Working Title: "Secret's Out." Tagline: Betcha can't have just one. Potential Cast: You guessed it, every single Victoria's Secret model.
  • Who? Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel, founders of Snapchat. (photo from forbes.com). Working Title: "Snapped." Tagline: From the guys that brought you 'The Social Network,' comes the story of the creators of a smartphone app that made sexting legitimate. Potential Cast: Ben Affleck as Bobby Murphy; Matt Damon as Evan Speigel; Antonio Banderas as Carlos Danger.
  • Who? Jenna Jameson. Working Title: "Bustin' Out." Tagline: One girl's journey from scorn to porn and then back to scorn. Potential Cast: Scarlett Johansson as Jenna Jameson; Betty White as Jenna Jameson's lady parts.
  • Who? Obama rodeo clown. Working title: "Tears of a Clown."
Tagline: The child who became a man. The man who became a rodeo clown. The rodeo clown who defied a president. Potential cast: Matthew McConaughey as the Clown; Benicio del Toro  as voice of Benny the Bull.
  • Who? Kate Upton. Working title: "Moving on Upton." Tagline: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll have to adjust your pants. Potential cast: Kate Upton as Kate Upton; Eugene Levy as Fred Upton; Steve Buscemi as Crazy Upton Stalker.
  • Who? Joe Biden. Working title: "Joe." Tagline: The story of America's most unintentionally hilarious vice president. Potential cast: Gary Busey as Joe Biden; Fred Armisen as Barack Obama; Alan Alda as Man in Wheelchair.


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