The bigger the government, the wider the wealth gap

We have heard incessantly of the widening gap between rich and poor. President Barack Obama and his minions have been publicly bemoaning it, vowing to address it — and even warning of violence should it not be solved.

Ending “income inequality” is a fundamental tenet of the President Barack Obama-embraced and endorsed Social Justice Movement. “Social Justice” certainly sounds good. But it ain’t:

The “Social Justice Movement” is at war with classical liberalism, which defines equality as the equality of all individuals before the law, irrespective of “class” or any other collective identity. In modern terms, the conflict between these two worldviews is similar to the conflict between “equality of opportunity” and “equality of outcome,” which can only be guaranteed and enforced by some structure of authority.

The “Social Justice Movement” endorses socialism as a means of redressing the alleged evils of capitalism and producing a programmatic equality that it acknowledges will be purchased at the price of individual liberty and require the manufacture of what totalitarian governments have called “the New Man.”

Not exactly a free market approach to things. It’s “spread[ing] the wealth around” — on stilts.

The Obama administration is currently undertaking a war on “equality of all individuals before the law, irrespective of ‘class’ or any other collective identity.”

Obamacare waivers abound for favored “collective identities.” Unions have received more than half of the thousands of exemptions from it. The Congress that foisted the law upon us just received a pass. The list of Democrat-friendlies who have special indemnity is unbelievably long.

Unfavored “collective identities” — Tea Partiers and conservatives — were set upon by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other agencies, receiving exclusive scrutiny, negative attention, and abuse.

If you want some “green” “energy” government money, it’s far better to be an Obama donor than to submit a viable proposal. Around 80% of these loans have gone to the president’s political supporters. As of last October, up to 50 of those campaign-contributing recipients were either bankrupt or on the way.

All of this is woefully unequal treatment before the law.

Founding Father John Adams declared that for our Constitutional republic to endure, we must remain “a government of laws and not of men.”

But one man — the president — has time and again on his whim ignored, altered or created entirely new law.  Beyond the ObamaCare exemptions, the President has willfully missed half of the law’s mandated deadlines.