The top nine colleges that will terrify overprotective parents [SLIDESHOW]

The transition from home to college is a challenging time for any parent. For overprotective parents, it’s fraught with downright fear.

What could go wrong? Anything. Everything!

If you are an overprotective parent, or if you are a prospective college student beset by overprotective parents, you might want to avoid these schools. If you a foolhardy risk-taker, on the other hand, or would like to rebel against your overprotective parents, this list provides a veritable blueprint of schools to choose from.

Unless identified otherwise, crime statistics have been compiled by the Office of Postsecondary Education of the U.S. Department of Education.

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  • The <strong>University of Alabama in Huntsville</strong> topped rankings as the most dangerous college in the country following a 2010 school shooting by Obama-obsessed biology professor Amy Bishop. She killed three faculty members. The school also boasts an unusually high burglary rate. The school is pretty safe otherwise. However, nothing deters prospective parents like a school shooting. (Photo: UAH police mugshot and Creative Commons/Khalid Tantawi)
  • Las Vegas is a garish city plopped in the middle of nowhere which boasts among its top industries gambling, drinking, drugs, prostitution and various kinds of depravity as virtually all of its top industries. Most people visit the city for a few days. However, a select few scandalize their own parents by declaring the <strong>University of Nevada, Las Vegas</strong> their undergraduate home. Sin City's reputation dissuades the protective parent more than statistics or student reviews. (Photo: Getty Images and Creative Commons/VinceyB)
  • New Jersey is frequently called the Armpit of America and the city of Camden is clearly the Arm Pit of New Jersey. The logic is impeccable, then: overprotective parents should avoid sending their kids anywhere near <strong>Rutgers University -- Camden</strong>. Campus safety keep students prettty protected and the campus is covered with emergency phones. On the other hand, the ubiquity of emergency phones should itself send up giant red flags. Few cities outside of East St. Louis are as dangerous as Camden. (Photo: Associated Press/Mel Evans and public domain/Henry Montesino)
  • <strong>Tufts University</strong> has developed a reputation for not addressing sexual violence on its main campus in Medford, Mass. (and its two satellite campuses). Students' Twitter accounts, publications and blogs identify the university‚Äôs shortcomings. There's even a website called including According to the Daily Beast, Tufts students have reported 36 forcible rapes in the last three years. There have also been 119 aggravated assaults, 174 burglaries and 49 auto thefts on and around the school's campuses. (Photo: Creative Commons/James Ennis and Gaia Gardens)
  • <strong>Temple University</strong> is a solid, hardworking public school located in a very high-crime area. The campus itself is safe and well-policed. However, muggings, robberies and assorted other crimes happen regularly just down the street in various directions. From 2009 to 2011, the main campus reported 34 aggravated assaults, 39 burglaries, 26 car thefts and 31 forcible rapes and fondlings. There were also a couple of arsons. (Photo: public domain and Flickr/Daniel Sandoval)
  • <strong>Wayne State University</strong> is located the heart of downtown Detroit, which is never a good sign. It's a very dangerous area, especially for anyone who sticks around after nightfall. Aggressive policing by the university police has brought crime down significantly in recent years. However, there's still a lot of crime. For the spring semester of 2013 alone, there were 10 robberies, three burglaries, 75 larcenies and four car thefts. There was also an aggravated assault for good measure. (Photo: Creative Commons/Andrew Jameson and Getty Images/Bill Pugliano)
  • Who doesn't dream of sending their kids to <strong>Harvard University</strong>? Yale grads, that's who. However, overprotective parents have to be in the mix as well, at least if they are informed about the perils of Cambridge. Between 2009 and 2011, Harvard students and staffers reported 83 sex offenses, 84 aggravated assaults and 80 burglaries. There was also a murder. (Photo: Creative Commons/JosephBarillari)
  • Unfortunately for approximately 8,000 students who attend the <strong>University of Michigan -- Flint</strong>, the surrounding city has the highest crime and second lowest median household income rates in the country. Michael Moore's hometown boasts 101,632 inhabitants and, in a given year, 63 murders and a couple thousand aggravated assaults. Regardless of the university's respectable crime data report, the city's statistics overshadow the relative safety of the campus. (Photo: public domain and Getty)
  • The campus of <strong>Cleveland State University</strong> is not egregiously crime-ridden. However, the city's newsworthy number of homicides, rapes and kidnappings has to cause any reasonable parent to panic. Also, the East Cleveland campus finds itself unfortunately near the site where serial killer Michael Madison murdered, raped and defiled the corpses of three young women. Cleveland is also the beloved hometown of the Cleveland Strangler, Anthony Sowell, who was convicted in 2009 of murdering 11 women. Also, of course, no parent could forget Ariel Castro, who is charged with raping and holding three women hostage for over a decade. (Photo: public domain/Balaji810)