The complete list of all the deaths Walter White is responsible for [PHOTOS]

Now that “Breaking Bad” and (possibly) Walter White are coming to an end, his apologists are coming out of the woodwork. Many fans are being all “Team Walt” (including the actress who played Jane!) and view him as a sympathetic character.

I have to admit that last week’s penultimate episode, which featured Walt essentially dying up in a cabin in New Hampshire all by himself, left me a little teary eyed. But just because the show is nearly over and Walt is likely a goner doesn’t make up for the fact that he is responsible for a lot of bad deeds — including the deaths of a whole bunch of innocent people!

So before “Breaking Bad” cuts to black for the last time this Sunday and Walt dies in a blaze of gunfire courtesy of the Nazis or the DEA or Jesse or from poisoning himself or from lung cancer, let us remember all the deaths Walter White/ Heisenberg is responsible for, either directly or indirectly.

1. Aww, remember Emilio, Walt’s first murder victim? It’s so cute how Walt was just a lowly chemistry teacher who poisoned this drug dealer who, let’s face it, probably deserved it! Those were the good ol’ days.


2. Walt couldn’t very well keep Krazy-8 alive, could he? After all, he did try to shank Walt with a broken plate.

Krazy 8


3. So Hank is actually the one who pulled the trigger on Tuco. But if it weren’t for Walt, Hank would have never gone out to the desert in search for this “Heisenberg” character. And, yes, Tuco was a murderous drug dealer and he also probably deserved it.


4. Walt’s first innocent victim was Jane! Technically, Jane died from asphyxiating on her own vomit after a drug overdose, but Walt just stood there and watched as she died and did nothing to save her life, even though he easily could have.

Lewis Jacobs/ Still Photographer, 2008


170-171. After Jane died, Jane’s father — who was an air traffic controller — couldn’t concentrate and therefore caused two planes to crash in the air, killing 167 people on board. He couldn’t live with himself after the death of his daughter and the inadvertent manslaughter of 167 passengers, so he killed himself. Walt went from three drug dealers to 169 innocent people really quickly!

wayfarer crash

171-172. Walt killed two drug dealers who were using kids to peddle their meth for them. Did these guys probably deserve it? Definitely. Walt is racking up a pretty nice tally, and it’s only season three!

drug dealers

173. Jesse was the one who pulled the trigger on sweet Gale, the libertarian chemist. But he did it under Walt’s orders after Walt convinced Jesse that it was Gus who poisoned Brock. But he did it because Walt convinced him that Gus would kill Walt because he had no use for him. He’s a clever one, that Walt.