George Will: Obama sparks ‘hyper partisanship’ with progressivism, has no second term agenda [VIDEO]

Washington Post columnist George Will suggested on “Fox News Sunday” placed blame for “hyper partisanship” that plagues Washington, D.C. on President Barack Obama’s progressive, polarizing politics.

Moderator Chris Wallace at suggested the tense atmosphere could either be the result of gerrymandering or an aspect of American culture. Will disagreed, pointing to Obama as the source.

“It’s not that simple,” Will replied. “The fact is, we have a very polarizing president. I’m not criticizing him for this. He’s a progressive. He exists to enlarge the power of government as an engine of the redistribution wealth and opportunity. That’s his agenda. He’s not interested in a grand bargain. He’s not interested in compromising. He doesn’t think he needs to.”

Will asked what the president wanted to accomplish during the remainder of his second term, which the media often ignore in favor of highlighting the in-fighting within the GOP.

“For all the talk about the Republican Party’s dysfunction, would someone tell me what the president’s second term agenda is?” he continued. “We’re in nine months. What is it, immigration? It’s not going to happen. Gun control? What is this man’s agenda for the remaining three-and-a-half years of his term?”

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