Neighbors: Cory Booker never lived in Newark

As Cory Booker looks set to win the junior Senate seat in New Jersey Wednesday, his supposed neighbors in Newark say Mayor Booker doesn’t live in the Gateway City.

Multiple residents of Newark told The Daily Caller that the longtime mayor doesn’t live at any of the addresses he has claimed as home. The mayor is believed to live in New York even though he is registered to run for New Jersey’s special senate election.

Booker, who filed to run for the U.S. Senate from a P.O. Box in Newark, is registered to vote at 435 Hawthorne Avenue but his next door neighbors told this reporter and filmmaker Joel Gilbert on camera that they haven’t seen Booker in years and that he doesn’t live there.

“Does he still live here?” Gilbert asked Booker’s neighbor, Tashay Thomas.

“He never did,” she replied. “His security guards live here.”

Why did he claim to live there while sending police to be quartered in a private home?

“Because he is a liar.” Thomas replied.

Thomas yelled out to someone across the street: “They’re looking for that fake mayor who says he live here. He does not live here!”

“Cory Booker don’t live here,” said James Sharp, another neighbor. “Only his bodyguards live here.”

Why did he tell people he lived here? asked Gilbert.

“So that he could keep telling people he did stuff but he is not doing anything. A lot of people getting killed and he’s supposed stop the violence but he don’t.”

Thomas continued. “He comes over here once in a blue moon,” she said. “I saw that man over there once and that was like in 2009. I come here every day.”

Sharp said he, too, hadn’t seen Booker around. “I have lived here for a long time.”

Thomas and Sharp said that they think Booker travels around with a police scanner and just shows up at the scene of high-profile happenings.

Looking inside the windows at both 435 Hawthorne and 19 Longworth confirmed that both properties were vacant—that is, except for two police officers.