Obama aims to resuscitate Obamacare with Rose Garden rally

President Barack Obama goes back on the virtual campaign-trail Monday, with a midday rally in the Rose Garden to champion his crippled takeover of the nation’s health-sector.

“The President will be joined by consumers, small business owners, and pharmacists who have either benefitted from the [Obamacare] health care law already or are helping consumers learn about what the law means for them and how they can get covered,” said a White House statement.

“The group will include individuals who have already applied for and enrolled in quality, affordable coverage through the Marketplaces and those who are planning to after exploring and comparing their new health care options,” said the statement.

White House officials likely have checked the bona-fides of the individuals, to ensure none of the facts in their stories will turn out to be false in ways that embarrass the president. Early Obamacare success stories have turned out to be either erroneous or outright lies. (Related: Obamacare hero Chad Henderson confirms he never purchased health care plan, blames ‘confusion’)

The glaring failure of the exchange rollout has put the president under unexpected pressure even from the usually compliant media. But the press statement did not say if he would replace his Obamacare deputies with outside experts. (Related: HHS calling in tech surge to fix broken Obamacare site)

The Rose Garden press event illustrates Obama’s confidence in his ability to win political fights, regardless of the day-to-day merits of his health-care, educational, and economic policies.

However, his Rose Garden rhetoric is unlikely to mollify the increasing number of Americans hit by higher health-care costs. Their numbers will rise during 2014 when medium and large employers must revamp the health-insurance services they provide to roughly 100 million employees and family members.

Throughout 2013, numerous companies have reduced employment and reduced workers’ hours to escape the high cost of the Obamacare regulations. Unemployment remains very high, and many people have given up trying to find work.

The scope of the Obamacare catastrophe is generating calls for a high-level sacrifice within the president’s team. (Related: Sen. Pat Roberts to Sebelius: RESIGN in absence of full Obamacare repeal)

For the moment, however, Americans have no alternative but to hope Obama fixes what he broke.