After his kid’s high school football team loses 91-0, dad files BULLYING complaint

A father in Texas has filed a formal complaint charging the coaches at Aledo High School with bullying after the Aledo High Bearcats beat the tar out of the Cougars of Western Hills High School by a score of 91-0 on Friday night.

The man’s son plays on the Western Hills High football team.

School officials at Aledo High on the outskirts of Fort Worth have made a copy of the complaint publicly available, reports Dallas-area ABC affiliate WFAA. The father’s name is blacked out.

“We all witnessed bullying first hand, it is not a pretty sight,” the complaint reads.

“I did not know what to say on the ride home to explain the behavior of the Aledo coaches for not easing up.”

The unidentified parent apparently filled out a web-based bullying form. For a description of what occurred, he wrote, “Unsportsmanlike conduct from 7:30 – 10:00,” reports local Fox affiliate KDFW.

In a section concerning witnesses, the frustrated father identified “everyone in the football stadium.”

He also suggested that the blowout had to have been an awkward experience for the winning team, too.

“I thought how tough it must have been for the parents of the Aledo football players to explain what happened,” the displeased dad reflected.

Tim Buchanan, the football coach at Aledo High, agreed on this last point.

“You don’t want to see their kids give up 91 points,” Buchanan told WFAA. “Our kids aren’t very excited at the end of the game, either.”

However, Buchanan adamantly defended his coaching staff and his players against the bullying charge.

“I’m not going to ask a football player to go out on the field and not play hard,” he told the ABC station.

Buchanan said he benched his starters after the first quarter in favor of second-string players—then the third-string.

“I’m not gonna tell a kid that comes out here and practices six to seven hours a week trying to get ready for football games ‘Hey, you can’t score a touchdown if you get in, you’re gonna have to take a knee,’ ’cause that may be the only touchdown that kid gets to score in his high school career,” Buchanan told KDFW.

Under state law, reports Fox News, the principal of Aledo High is now required to investigate the bullying complaint and write a report.