Pumpkins that look like politicians [SLIDESHOW]

Sometimes, a jack-o-lantern is just a jack-o-lantern. Other times, it’s a politician.

Here are six Halloween pumpkins that look like politicians.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • Harry Reid's resemblance to this pumpkin is uncanny. (Photo: Google/ Getty)
  • Because it's large. (Photo: Google/ Getty)
  • Sometimes a pumpkin is just a turtle. Sometimes it's Mitch McConnell. (Photos: ExtremePumpkins.com/ Getty)
  • Gremlin, Newt -- same thing. (Photos: Brandy Davis, Getty Images)
  • John Dingell and likeness. (Photos: Wikimedia/ Getty)
  • This pumpkin does a great Joe Biden. (Photo: Google Images/ Getty)

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