Coulter versus Maher: Two debate immigration reform, Cruz and birther jokes

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” liberal host Bill Maher clashed with conservative commentator Ann Coulter over birtherism, immigration, lukewarm Republicans and the legacy of Coulter’s “boyfriend” Ronald Reagan.

Coulter began the segment by explaining one of the main points of her book, “Never Trust a Liberal over 3 — Especially a Republican,” which focused on Republicans who hurt the conservative cause. They led to a debate between her and the “Real Time” host over immigration reform and why it would hurt the Republican Party to go along with any of the measures being debated in Washington, D.C.

Partial transcript as follows:

COULTER: If you want to attack people in your own party you should become a Democrat? No, I am saying that maybe it would be better if we went after Democrats than one another when it comes to elections.
MAHER: But you have quite a shit list of people in your own party —
COULTER:  Yes, I do.
MAHER: — who are apparently too liberal. Is that a problem, Republicans who are too liberal?
COULTER:  A few of them. But I mean, a lot of Republicans that I attack I’m attacking because they’re attacking other Republicans. So —
MAHER: Marco Rubio, I mean he has 100 percent rating from the American Conservative [Union]
COULTER:  He’s been in the Senate for six minutes.
MAHER: No, he’s been there for a couple of years.
COULTER: I’m attacking him on a particular issue. I’m attacking the issue of amnesty. I mean, you just had a monologue where you talk about the poorest Americans. Amnesty hurts the poorest Americans. It hurts the working class. It hurts African-Americans most of all. You know, Romney got 20 percent of the young black male vote. That’s higher than Republicans have gotten for 50 years. [To an audience heckler] We have a genius who is familiar with how young African-Americans vote. You want to come up and tell us about that?
MAHER: What are we defining as young?
COULTER: Under 30, which is shocking for Republicans. Why? Is it they want jobs, because he was the one who was the most anti-amnesty? That is why I’m against Marco Rubio pushing amnesty and by the way, lying about it. He goes around saying enforcement first, enforcement first. Look at the bill, first step — amnesty.
MAHER: Wasn’t the guy who did the most for amnesty your boyfriend, Ronald Reagan? Didn’t he sign amnesty?
COULTER: Well, he also signed the most liberal abortion bill in the country when he was governor of California. I don’t accept appeals to authority just because Reagan did something. I mean, we saw that it was a bad idea. It was only three million then. Unfortunately, you grant amnesty, it leads to a lot more people coming in. That’s one of the reasons we shouldn’t be granting amnesty.
MAHER: But you do realize that net immigration is zero from Mexico? Zero, zero.