The dorkiest/hottest celebrities back in the day [SLIDESHOW]

Some ugly ducklings turned to swans, while others mysteriously took a nosedive.

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  • Last but not least, Ryan Seacrest! Between the braces, glasses, and chipmunk cheeks, he is unrecognizable at age 13.
  • A moment of silence for Sean Connery's former teeth at age 23.
  • Believe it or not, this glamazon is Martha Stewart at age 20. Are you sexually confused yet?
  • Before he was the 40-year-old Virgin, Steve Carell looked like the 22-year-old porn star.
  • Yeah, don't confuse her for a playboy model. That's Helen Mirren at age 24!
  • Before she ditched those oversized spectacles, Charlize Theron looked like your typical nerdy 15-year-old.
  • This scrumptious eye candy is a 22-year-old Stephen Colbert! What happened, man?
  • Before reaching fame with Apple, Steve Jobs looked like a garden variety 18-year-old hippie.
  • Christopher Walken could rival any Calvin Klein model at age 22.
  • Contrary to urban legend, there is actually a bad picture of George Clooney, age 15.
  • Jamie Foxx was a bit of a dweeb at age 17. Blame it on the puberty.