JFK’s ladies [SLIDESHOW]

From strippers to interns and Swedish aristocrats, President John F. Kennedy (allegedly) knew his way around the ladies.

Here’s a slideshow of just a handful of Kennedy’s consorts.

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  • Stripper, Blaze Starr says she shared a romantic relationship with JFK. 
(photo: Hulton Archive: Getty Images)
  • Gunilla Von Post was JFK's Swedish lover. Kennedy wrote her love letters for years. 
(photo: Rex Features)
  • Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Some say Marilyn Monroe had an affair with both John and Bobby Kennedy. 
(photo:wikimedia commons)
  • It's rumored that actress Angie Dickinson had a romantic relationship with Kennedy.
  • JFK sure liked them young. Mimi Alford says she was a 19-year-old intern when she began an affair with President Kennedy. Kennedy allegedly took Alford into Jackie Kennedy's bedroom and took her virginity.
  • First lady Jacqueline Kennedy was JFK's number one lady.
(photo: STAFF/AFP/Getty images)