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The Grey Lady’s nip slip

You’d think these things would be reserved for HuffPost’s sideboob section or even a Daily Caller slideshow.

But no, this is The New York Times just a few days before Thanksgiving. There are other ways to depict the delicate subject matter of breast-cancer screening than boob shots in the world’s most respected newspaper, right?

The story centers around a woman in Kfar Saba, Israel who tested positive for a defective gene that causes breast cancer so she wanted to make sure her daughters were in the clear. Israel suffers some of the highest breast cancer stats in the world. The eldest daughter tested negative. The younger daughter is just 24. Mom wants the youngest daughter, if she tests positive, to marry early and have a double mastectomy. The older daughter disagrees with this course of action, saying, “Stop pressuring her!”

The crux of the story: “Such family debates are playing out across Israel these days.”


The shot above is that of a 28-year-old who discovered a lump in a left breast last year.

Oh, and just above the story? A notice to readers: “Wishing you a happy holidays.”

Gee, thanks.