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Helping CNN out. HuffPost‘s Jack Mirkinson comes up with 10 shows with attitude for CNN, you know, to spice things up. I love the idea of Candy Crowley as a Judge Judy type character if that’s what he meant. But Wolf Blitzer is way too nice to punch walls. See the rest.

NPR says hell no to lists. NPR is forgoing a year-end list or 13 and instead is pounding us over the head with books of all kinds. They crack on BuzzFeed and then get right down to it. The feature is very cool and colorful and has a lot of different categories. I like “seriously great writing” and “funny stuff” and “Tales From Around the World.” Explore here.

Washingtonians need to swear more and I’m not f&%king kidding. The Atlantic‘s Megan Garber has the story this week on the sweariest state in the nation — and it’s Ohio. Considering I was born there, I couldn’t be more proud. More troubling, however, is the news that the city I now reside in, Washington, D.C., is the least sweariest place in the country. That’s just shameful.

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