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Gwen Moore’s lapel jellyfish: An unsolved mystery


What does it take to get a straight answer out of a lawmaker or flack in Washington these days?

Well, a lot. Especially if you’re asking a question as dumb as, hey Congresswoman, I saw you on C-SPAN, is that a jellyfish on your blazer?

The Mirror never heard back from Staci Cox, flack to Rep. Gwen Moore‘s (D-Wis.), on what that thing was plopped on her lapel Wednesday. But readers wrote in with guesses.

1. “Looks like an upside down cereal bowl with all her silver spoons attached.”


2. One (obviously very high) reader included the picture above and asked, “Is it this?”

3. Salvatore Buttice (not likely his real name) writes in to say, “Actually looks like the disembodied head of Cthulhu. Makes sense, she looks like someone that would worship the worst of all evils.”

4. “I’ve got it. It’s Pac-Man from the side.”

5. “Silver coke spoons.”

6. “Looks like a Big Mac.”

Any more wild guesses, just write me and I’ll add them. Write to or for more anonymity. Either way your anonymity is guaranteed.