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MSNBC host Toure. MSNBC host Toure.  

MSNBC host: Black CNN anchor Don Lemon a ‘white leader’

Co-host of MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” the mononymous Touré, went on a Twitter rant about the apparent epidemic of white-on-white violence and gun laws Sunday night, calling black CNN host Don Lemon a leader “of white people” in the process.

“White on white violence in this country is out of control. Someone should do something,” Touré tweeted Sunday night, following it up with the hashtag “#StopWhiteOnWhiteViolence.”

“Why aren’t white leaders like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and Don Lemon doing anything to combat white on white violence??? #SOS,” he asked.

Touré went on to clarify that by “white leaders” he meant “’leaders of white people’ not ‘leaders who are white.’”

In July, Don Lemon came under fire for offering advice aimed at elevating the black community, such as stop having children out of wedlock, stop using the n-word, stop wearing baggy pants, stop littering and stop dropping out of school.

Townhall commentator and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich tangled with Touré on his attacks.

“So because Don Lemon believes in standards like young black men pulling their pants up he’s now a ‘white leader’? OKAY @Toure,” Pavlich tweeted.

Touré explained to Pavlich, “’Pull up your pants’ is fake advice meant to make whites  feel Blacks are their own real problem. It’s a non-solution.”

“So black Don Lemon telling young black men to pull their pants up is all about making whites feel better? OKAY @Toure,” she further tweeted.

Touré answered with “Yes,” going on to tweet, “It doesn’t help Black men to be told pull up your pants. By that point they’ve already been failed by society.”

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