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Bath Time

Probably not appropriate for Bath Time, but life is what it is. The story surrounding Sen. Lamar Alexander‘s now former Chief of Staff Ryan Loskarn keeps getting weirder and difficult to comprehend. See here for the latest and the explicit details on the porn he was looking at. Guard your soul, it’s terrible.

Funny translations on what that Mandela signer was really saying. See The Telegraph‘s interpretation here.

The Wire‘s year in review. Like you, I’m getting year-end list fatigue. And I probably still need to create one. Today Atlantic‘s The Wire lets loose on the favorite stories they read this year. See here. And note that Philip Bump hasn’t read the book he blurbed, he just looked at the title. Maybe he can put in some real effort next year? Still others actually read the stuff they write about, such as Brian Feldman‘s pick of the NYT‘s interview with Kanye West. Visit this feature at your own risks. You might be here awhile because there’s a lot you’ll want to read.

Twenty Two Words fever. If you’re interested in humanized web traffic, this is the story for you. Meet the guy who started the site with more stories shared on Facebook than Rolling Stone and BuzzFeed combine. Fun fact: The guy you’ve probably never heard of doesn’t read BuzzFeed anymore. See Esquire‘s interview here.