Melissa Harris-Perry’s war on rich white men

On Sunday, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry made the accusation that the word Obamacare is similar to using the n-word.

It’s a laughable claim. But why is she making it? Because, as a political science professor with a focus on race, she’s qualified to interpret these things and just thought you should know? Or is it an obvious, weak attempt to distance the president from Obamacare, which is wreaking havoc on the lives of millions of Americans who are losing their health care?

What I found most disturbing and what I wish to focus on is Perry’s evil attempt to gin up hate against “wealthy white men” who she claims created the term Obamacare to demean and undermine a black president.

Due to the Obama administration playing the race card to win every argument and silence opposition, America is polarized along racial lines. Perry’s false accusation is like throwing gasoline on the flames of national racial tensions, as irresponsible and cruel as screaming fire in a crowded auditorium.

Perry’s specific term, “wealthy white men,” was insidiously strategic. Low-info blacks in my family along with blacks across America will believe Perry’s nonsense to be the gospel truth. With the wave of black flashmob violence and the rising incidents of the racially motivated knockout game, the last thing we need as a nation is another black TV celeb promoting a racially-charged false narrative.

Democrats and liberals like Perry have been promoting the same irresponsible, divisive and racist false narrative for decades. They claim that all evil in the world is the fault of racist, greedy, sexist and evil wealthy white men usually identified as conservative Republicans.

Perry’s rant is simply the latest blow to the chin of America’s white males by a liberal. Flash back to New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd’s 2009 article titled, “White Man’s Last Stand,” which excoriated white men. And this at the same time as commentators are predicting their disappearance.

Obama and company’s reelection strategy was centered around a shock-and-awe media blitz branding the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney as an evil super-wealthy racist white guy.

We get it. As long as political correctness is the unwritten law of the land, it is open season for trashing and targeting the American rich white male for destruction. It’s even deemed morally correct and patriotic.

Who is out there giving rich white men props for their many positive contributions to society? Where are their advocates? I am sure with me being an American black man, liberals think it unconscionable that I would suggest such a thing. It would elevate me to “super” Uncle Tom status.