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Real life is worse than House of Cards? 

“Between Radel’s cocaine situation and the child porn investigation, House of Cards is sounding a little tame.” — National Review fellow Betsy Woodruff.


THE FALLOUT: Obama’s selfie with Danish P.M. Helle Thorning-Schmidt 

“Look, if you don’t think the first image of a president taking a selfie is newsworthy, then your news judgment is, shall we say, awry.” – Commentary‘s John Podhoretz.

“Another try @nypost headline writing: ” ‘Bam: Dane-d if he does, Dane-d if he doesn’t”" — Washington Post‘s Jonathan Capehart.

Too soon? 

“So, Hill staffers who know Ryan Loskarn, if you had to guess, does he like little boys or little girls?” — Conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain.


The Dark Side of This Town: How to describe a Washington friendship by Matt Mackowiack 

“Absolutely stunned by the Ryan Loskarn news. I’ve known him since 2006. Not real well, but well enough. Stunned.” — GOP Consultant Matt Mackowiack.

What a difference a few years makes 

“Congratulations to my friend Ryan Loskarn, Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander’s newest chief of staff!” — TIME‘s Jay Newton-Small in November of 2011.


Hide the kids: Santa isn’t real? 

“At age 8, I mentioned Santa’s non-existence in passing to a friend, who bawled. I was mystified an 8 year old didn’t know Santa was fake.” — Josh Barro, politics editor, Business Insider.

“I logically explained to my entire kindergarten carpool why Santa was logically impossible. Got spanked for it.”  – HuffPost‘s Radley Balko.