The world’s most glorious beaches [SLIDESHOW]

While most of America remains firmly in winter’s grip of death, a number of the world’s lesser countries are enjoying warm beaches and clear water.

Wouldn’t you like to get away? Escape for a bit with just a few easy clicks.

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  • Rabbit beach in the islands of Sicily has only one problem. It's nearly impossible to leave! (Photo:Flickr)
  • Grace Bay in the Turks and Caicos has waters that will make your heart leap. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Whitehaven beach in Australia has pure white sands and feels like a piece of heaven. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Baia do Sancho in Brazil can only be accessed by boat or 'tricky' stairs, but is well worth the trip. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico has a reputation as one of the top beaches in the world. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Playa de las Catedrales in Spain draws tourists with its amazing rock formations. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Horseshoe Bay beach in Bermuda looks like it would inspire any Beach Boys song. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Eagle Beach in Aruba is a quiet spot renowned for its beauty. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Rhossili Bay in the UK is great from July-September and has incredible views. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Playa Paraiso beach in Cayo Largo, Cuba is breathtaking at sunset. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Playa de ses Illetes in the Balearic Islands is known for its crystal clear waters. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Ka'anapali beach in Hawaii is a haven for beach goers year-round. (Photo:Flickr)