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Megyn Kelly is right – Santa Claus is white

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Kevin Jackson
Host, The Black Sphere

Megyn Kelly is right; Santa Claus is white.

As a poor young black kid growing up, I never really thought about the ethnicity of Santa Claus, I was just glad he was there every year.

In the last Christmas I spent with my mother before her death, my stepfather dressed up like Santa late one evening. My brother and I were awakened by my mother and escorted to the living room, where we were treated to a skinny black Santa who looked and talked exactly like “Daddy Tom.”

Nice try, but I knew Santa was white.

There were other clues, like Santa having lots of elves working for him year ‘round in preparation for the big day. These elves were either black slaves stuck in a circa 1860’s time warp or some [insert 3rd-World nationality] working in a sweat shop. “Who cares, just bring me my toys,” was my gleeful, self-indulgent thought.

Even later in life when the idea that Santa could be black was proffered to me, I thought, “Who cares?” Santa Claus is a concept, a construct, and a great one for many reasons.

How many parents of all colors, theist and atheist have used Santa to keep their children on the straight and narrow? The closer Christmas crept, the more threats. Let’s face it, if it weren’t for Santa Claus many kids would be incorrigible.

Recently on her TV show, Megyn Kelly mentioned an article in Slate by Aisha Harris, who Kelly said “was upset that Santa Claus was melanin-deficient … [white Santa] made her feel ashamed as a child.”

So white Santa Claus is the reason Aisha Harris needs therapy?

Ask any child not exposed to leftism what he thinks about Santa Claus, and you get a huge smile. Expose that child to the racist left, and you get … Aisha.

Santa Claus is about the “spirit of Christmas,” and the idea that for one brief moment in everyone’s life, man, woman, and child, there is a reason for joy, dare I say hope. Not Barack Obama “hope,” but real hope. Hope for even a small moment to see man’s humanity in a life that for many people is a constant struggle. Santa Claus provides hope to people of all faiths, creeds, religions, without exception.

How many conversations did you have growing up, as you tried to figure out how Santa could make all those toys? How could he deliver them in one night? Did all children leave Santa cookies and is that why he was so fat? How did Santa know how to get into houses that didn’t have chimneys? Why did he bother?

Instead of embracing the beauty of the concept that brings joy to all, regardless of color, leftists predictably look for ways to ruin it for everybody. But they are quick to allow all the debauchery they can invent on their own.