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Should we stop being mean to Pajama Boy?

All he did was pose ridiculously in his jammies for a dumb ad, promoting a disastrous law that’s going to ruin a lot of people’s lives. Does he really deserve all this grief for it?

I sure think so. #GetTalking, Patrick Howley:

Ethan Krupp, the little man who played “Pajama Boy” in a widely-mocked Obamacare ad, was accused in college of racism and anti-Semitism.

Krupp, an Organizing for Action (OFA) content writer who became the face of progressive America when he sipped cocoa and smirked while wearing a onesie pajama suit in a recent Obamacare ad, is also a failed comedy writer whose work was not appreciated in his own time.

Krupp was the editor of Wisconsin’s college-town “Madison Misnomer” as recently as 2010, noting that “Nothing is ever accomplished” at editorial meetings and “It probably won’t last more than another year…”

“We have no morals, and we will attack you. But you really don’t have to worry because no one reads the paper anyway…”

Well, if Krupp can’t achieve fame, infamy is the next best thing.

As Ed Morrissey notes, even the ad’s target audience is laughing at Krupp, not with him:

Hang in there, young Mr. Krupp. Sure, the Internet is forever, and you’re the latest face of the worst American law in living memory. But at least you still have your– Oh wait. You won’t be able to count on having your health for much longer, will you? Well, I’m sure you’ve still got something going for you. Maybe this whole thing will earn you a cameo on Big Bang Theory?

BTW, the teabaggers are only laughing at this kid because “Pajama Boy is yet another emblem of an increasingly non-white electorate.” Well, duh! Why don’t you leave Smirky McFlanneljammies alone, you racists?

Caleb Howe gets the last word: