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5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week

This week we have a special honorable mention: “Three days ago, I didn’t know there was a Duck Dynasty. Only Ming, Qing & Egypt’s 32.” – Daily Beast‘s David Frum.

And now…the dunces for the week.

5. “Grateful for car seat butt-warmers.” — Hilaria Baldwin, wife to now ex-MSNBCer Alec Baldwin.

4. “Snow is basically made of rain, yet it’s so much more special.” — MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

3. “Biff is getting a haircut. Are ‘bangs’ exclusively a lady thing? Sometimes you gotta ask these questions in our mixed up world. #tcot” — Free Beacon’s mystery byline Biff Diddle.

2. “This is random, but: I really like the automated voice that announces incoming subway train arrivals.” — BuzzFeed Political Editor Katherine Miller. But wait, on Thursday she writes, “I’m already regretting picking the 8 a.m. train for Saturday morning.” Hey, at least she’ll likely get to hear that automated voice on the way to Union Station.


1. “Startling true observation: Cooked green peppers never work. Ruin any dish.” — Washington Post only occasionally humorous humor columnist Gene Weingarten.


Sincere apologies to Washington Examiner’s Justin Green. This is the first week he hasn’t made this list. But don’t despair. There will be another chance to land on this list next week. Have a tweet you’d like to nominate for being the dumbest? Write me at or anonymously to