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Tim Donnelly takes on the media and the political class in California gubernatorial fight

Tim Donnelly, the Republican front-runner in the 2014 California gubernatorial race, refuses to accept that the odds are stacked against him. The conservative Twin Peaks assemblyman actually thinks he’s going to beat Jerry Brown. Talk to him long enough and you just might start thinking the same.

Lapping his nearest GOP challenger and bracing for a general election race in which 29 percent of the voters are still undecided, Donnelly is in a nice position to speak his mind about the institutions that usually hold candidates like him down.

“The media likes to control and divide us, and divide us by race,” Donnelly told The Daily Caller. “It’s not just the media. It’s the whole political class.”

“Most people don’t wake up in the morning and think ‘Gee, I’m white today’, or ‘I’m black today.’ They wake up and say I have to get the kids to school or I hope I get that promotion, or I hope Jerry Brown doesn’t let out another rapist in my neighborhood who has raped 49 women so he can rape a 50th,” Donnelly said, referring to Brown helping parole hundreds of felons.

“California is a divided majority. We can unify them on American values. In order to do that, you have to treat people with respect. As far as the media, they’re probably not going to change their playbook, but the more they attack me the more they allow me to get my message out.”

It would be easy to peg Donnelly, whose wife is Fillipino and whose five children are all of mixed race, as the divisive right-wing candidate in a state where illegal immigration is the paramount hot-button issue. But he’s not having any of it.

His recent Web ad, in which he wore a Cowboy hat and said “we need to make California the sexiest place to do business. Because right now, the only thing sexy to me in the state of California is my wife,” even featured his son joking about Donnelly’s biggest headline-making gaffe: ”I’m a way better shot than my dad, and I don’t take guns on planes.”

Yes, Donnelly was cited by Ontario airport police in January 2012 for trying to carry a loaded .45-caliber handgun onto an airplane. He said he forgot the gun was in his carry-on bag. It didn’t cause too much trouble for him, though, and the more you listen to Donnelly talk the more you understand how he’s able to get away with these kinds of things.