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Guy who loses fantasy league gets mortifying punishment

An Ohio State University Ph.D. student who lost his fantasy football league is having to pay up in a unique way. Andrew Bean, 26, will have to take the SAT and tell his score to his fellow league members.

Bean told The Wall Street Journal, “Winning first place is just for bragging rights, but there’s a lot on the line with the SAT.”

Anyone can take the SAT as long as they pay $51 and present a government-issued ID. There is even a name for non-students who bubble in: “adult test-takers.”

Bean has accepted his loss, largely due to Aaron Rodgers being out due to injury. Bean says he plans to register to take it on March 8. He has no false hopes about his performance, though.

“I doubt that I’ll be able to score as well as I did when I was 16. In any case, I fully expect the results to be embarrassing.”

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