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Soldier sleeps at Atlanta airport beside photo of a woman [PHOTO]

This guy must have really been ready to get home.

A Reddit user snapped this photo of a soldier in fatigues sleeping at the Atlanta airport beside a tiny photo of a woman, presumably his girlfriend, or perhaps a sister or other relative.

The user wrote along with the photo, “I am pretty sure this guy just finished basic and AIT [Advanced Individual Training] is probably going home for hometown recruiting…. I didn’t see a crest on his beret and I did not see a battle patch, also a color American flag. Probably happy to be able to make a few decisions for himself again.”

The picture was captioned on the photo sharing site Imgur as, “Asleep on the floor at the Atlanta airport @ 3AM. I hope you see your girl soon.”

Reddit soldier ATL airport


Hopefully, this soldier is with whoever is in that photo by now.

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