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CNN’s Jake Tapper voices hilarious fake attack ads on Hillary and Biden [VIDEO]

CNN’s Jake Tapper is a little weird, and we at The Daily Caller News Foundation love it. On Wednesday’s “The Lead,” the newscaster unveiled two awesome attack ads that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden could wield against each other in 2016.

Based off of the damning revelations from former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ new book, the ads skewer the former secretary of state and current vice president over their national security credentials. And they do so with a creepy, South Park-style voiceover by Tapper, who clearly doesn’t take himself — or political attack ads — too seriously. ”Ok those were a little ridiculous, I must admit,” the host said with a grin as waiting panelists cracked up.

Will you see either of these ads in battleground states during Democratic primaries? Doubtful. But, as Tapper notes, “what’s likely causing headaches in [Hillary and Biden's] respective households today will be opposition research GOLD come primary season.” We’ve probably not heard the last of Gates’ accusations — in fact, we’ll probably be downright sick of them by 2016.

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