‘Resign now’: S.E. Cupp tells Christie to leave office if directly involved in bridge scandal

Brendan Bordelon | Contributor

Conservative commentator and “Crossfire” co-host S.E. Cupp has some harsh advice for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie if he was personally involved in his administration’s vindictive bridge closure: “Resign now.”

Cupp spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper about “Bridge-gate,” a scandal that exploded Wednesday morning after damning emails from the Republican governor’s staff indicate that September lane closures on the heavily trafficked George Washington bridge were designed to punish the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey for failing to support Christie’s re-election bid.

On Wednesday afternoon the governor responded, declaring his “outrage” and saying he had been “misled” (RELATED: Christie claims ignorance of bridge closure).

S.E. Cupp said she “hopes that’s true” but worries the governor may still be holding back. “I like Chris Christie,” she said. “I hope that he wasn’t involved. But if he was, and if he knows that he was and this will come out later — let me lay out a scenario, If I were giving him advice I know he won’t take — resign now.”

“I’ll tell you what will happen,” she continued. “His supporters, both in New Jersey and across the nation, will come out. He will be a martyr and a hero. And over the next two years he’ll quietly go about plotting a presidential campaign, and by the time the campaign rolls around this will be done. He’ll say, ‘What do you want from me? I resigned, I did what’s best for New Jersey, I made a mistake, I took responsibility for it, and now I want to be your president.'”

“We’ve talked about the PR — the way to go about this,” Cupp explained.  “If you know it’s gonna come out, get ahead of it . . . If he knows that he was [involved], and he knows that this could come out, then there’s a different way to to do this. And I think the answer would be resigning.”

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