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Should the cops take a small child from his family because they taught him to swear?

It’s a stupid, irresponsible thing to do, but is it really child abuse?


A Nebraska toddler who repeated a slew of profanities in an online video has been taken into child protective custody, Omaha police said Wednesday.

While authorities found nothing criminal in the video, officials from the Omaha police’s Child Victim Unit and the Nebraska Child Protective Services took the infant and three other children into custody on Wednesday, the police department said on its Facebook page.

It’s depressing that this child is learning this stuff so young, and even more depressing that he’s in the care of people who thought it needed to be on the Internet. But unless there’s evidence of any actual abuse, I don’t see how the cops are justified in taking him away. It’s not the government’s role to make people better parents.

Some are crying racism, and they may have a point. After all, hilarious comedian and prototypical white guy Adam McKay didn’t have his daughter taken away after he did this to her:

There’s no law against being an idiot to your kids.