Maria Shriver book gives Obama new prop for ‘War on Women’

President Barack Obama has set aside time Tuesday to personally endorse a new feminist agenda backed by noted Democratic policy experts Beyoncé, Jada Pinkett Smith, LeBron James and Eva Longoria.

They’re listed as contributors to the 391-page apocalyptic-sounding report entitled “A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink,” drafted by lead author Maria Shriver, a member of the Kennedy clan and ex-wife of former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shriver’s progressive analysis and government-centered recommendations aren’t nearly as important as the document’s ability for Democrats to boost women’s turnout in the 2014 election.

Obama and his political allies will use the report “as a club… to beat conservatives, make us look heartless and make us look as if we’re part of a ‘War on Women,’” said Carrie Lukas, the managing director at the centrist Independent Women’s Forum and co-author of “Liberty is No War on Women,” in an interview with The Daily Caller

“The ‘War on Women’ is just about the only tool in the Democratic arsenal for 2014,” IWF director of cultural programs Charlotte Hays told TheDC, because the crash of Obamacare and Obama’s lousy economy has done so much damage to women, men and families.

“Women should be mad at getting such a lousy pitch, they should be thinking ‘Unemployment is very high and they think I want to read about Beyoncé?’” said Hays, who noted that women are doing better than men and boys in college and the economy.

The report also includes a chapter from Sen. Hillary Clinton, aiding her likely use of the “War on Women” catapult during the 2016 campaign.

Obama is scheduled to accept the report at a late-afternoon White House event that likely will be used for campaign footage.

“The report focuses on the millions of women who are working hard, but are consistently on the brink of poverty; and highlights the need for the nation to  address women’s dual roles as caregivers and breadwinners and the specific challenges they face,” said the White House schedule, released Monday.

In 2012, Obama racked up big majorities among single women, but lost among married women. Unless the GOP leadership tries to split the party by pushing through a bill to increase immigration and guest workers, Obama will need to repeat that success in November if he wants to keep the Senate from turning GOP.

Shriver has produced versions of the report since 2009, in cooperation with the Center for American Progress, which pushes for laws and regulations that place American politics and civic life under the guidance of university-trained progressives in local, state and federal government.