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Why can’t reporters talk to prisoners at Guantanamo? Since its been 12 years since terror suspects arrived and no media interviews, Yahoo! News‘s Liz Goodwin asks the question. She took the media tour there last week and asked to meet with a prisoner. They turned down her request. The short answer: “They can’t be used as a spectacle. …It’s not a zoo. You can’t just come in and look at them.” Huh? Goodwin writes, “Oddly enough, the actual experience we were allowed to have with the detainees felt much more safari-like than any interview I’ve ever had.” Read her writeup.

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt opens up about his knees and eyes…Politico inflicts its “Answer This” interview on Hewitt, who discusses his knees (his favorite body part) and his eyesight, which he struggled with until problems were diagnosed in the third grade. See the full interview.

What is this, amateur White House pool duty? An observer with a cold stumbles on POTUS and writes it up for The Atlantic.

Chris Christie hysteria in the media…National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg writes up a story about why and how the media has become so frenzied about the Christie scandal. In his eyes, there have been far greater outrages that have received less coverage. He cites partisan bias and points out that NBC’s “Meet the Press” gave the story 33 minutes last Sunday. He brings up lucid examples of stories the media ought to focus on, such as scandal scooplets within the Obama Administration. But frankly, they sound like bores. How can 24-hour cable news networks dwell on things that’ll put viewers to sleep when they’ve got Christie? Goldberg uses ABC’s Jonathan Karl‘s to largely explain the Christie overkill: “Christie is ‘the most intriguing and colorful person’ in American politics.” Read the full story here.