Ann Coulter calls Ed Schultz a p**sy, disses Roland Martin

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

Last night conservative commentator and bestselling author Ann Coulter called MSNBC host Ed Schultz a “lying pussy” and baited the lefty host into inviting her on his show after he said Republicans are too afraid to talk to him. This morning TV One “Washington Watch” host Roland Martin went off on her on Twitter, saying he’d invited her on his “Washington Watch” TV show to discuss one of her books, only to be blown off one hour before airtime.

“He doesn’t have a TV show,” Coulter countered to The Mirror regarding Martin. “He’s on the internet now. It’s like canceling lunch.”

Martin fired back to The Mirror in a phone interview, saying, “That’s interesting because the show I had was a one-hour Sunday morning news show. Clearly Ann doesn’t know how to read a television guide because it actually is on television. I’ve never had an internet TV show. I have a national syndicated radio show as well as a daily television show that is on cable television. As opposed to always being a smartass, maybe Ann Coulter should show some humility and simply say, ‘my bad, I’m sorry. We shouldn’t have canceled and we should have rescheduled.’

“Let me also remind Ann when I sent her a condolence email about her mother, she was so appreciative and she said feel free to call on her anytime. Maybe Ann needs to remember the things she actually said. I sent the note because it was the right thing to do. It wasn’t to curry any favor.”

Martin said he’s appreciative that “real conservatives” like then-Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), Reps. Steve King (R-Iowa), Pete Olson (R-Texas) and former RNC Chair Michael Steele have all come on his show and did not cancel. “They are real conservatives and not circus acts. Please tell Ann she is more than welcome to come on anytime if she wants to have a real dialogue and actually be taken seriously.”

No matter her critics, Coulter won’t be silenced. Last night Coulter was whacking them down like bowling pins and is clearly not fond of Schultz.

During this morning’s Twitter rant, Martin informed “The Ed Show” that Coulter may be blowing smoke about actually coming on his program. After all, he complained, Coulter dissed his show.” 1. “It’s hilarious to hear Ann Coulter slam The Ed Show. I invited her on TV One and she cancelled late.” 2. We confirmed Ann Coulter on a Monday. Three days went by, no issues. Then on the day we were supposed to do it, she cancelled.” 3. “We booked Ann Coulter about her book Mugged for TV One’s Washington Watch. Her team cancelled ONE HOUR before we taped the show @edshow.”

trioMartin got into a tense argument with Newsbusters Associate Editor Noel Sheppard about it, saying, “Ask Ann Coulter why she wants to call out The Ed Show but canceled on TV One. I’ll re-book her anytime. Any day.” Sheppard replied, “I will. Be honest though. What’s your average daily total viewership and in the demo?”

Martin wanted to know why that mattered when Coulter said yes.

Sheppard had an idea. “Because maybe a publicist booked her without knowing your ratings and then after looking them cancelled” he wrote. Martin seethed, “So that is acceptable to you? Dude, that is pathetic and for you to try to rationalize, is nuts.” Sheppard continued, “You still haven’t divulged what your average total viewers are and in the demo. Why? Don’t you know them?” Martin shot back, “That is irrelevant. It is rude to book a segment to discuss your book & cancel an hour before taping & not reschedule.” He then defended the ratings of his show saying that on some days “News One Now” beats CNBC’s morning show. He added, “Washington Watch had a .14 in the demo and an overall 23, higher than a number of other cable shows. #truth.”

Coulter has had dustups with radio personalities before. In 2006, she called in an hour and a half late to Adam Corolla‘s radio show, saying she’d been given the wrong number. Once she got the right number from her publicist, she phoned in only to be hung up on by Corolla when she told him she was pressed for time. “Alright, well get lost,” he said. “Listen you bitch, don’t call me an hour and a half and tell me your tight on time. Just take your stupid book and pitch it to your crappy cable outlet.” Listen here.

(Full disclosure: Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter writes a column that appears in The Daily Caller. There’s no conflict of interest. I do not oversee her work.)

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