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Keith Olbermann FINALLY meets his match: A 13-year-old girl

Tom Sestito is a hockey-man who plays hockey matches for something called the Canucks of Vancouver, which is a hockey club. It’s a sporting event where men on ice skates beat each other up, while occasionally using big flat sticks to flick a little round piece of rubber into a net placed on the ice. It’s very important.

Keith Olbermann, who is on television again (sort of), made fun of Mr. Sestito the other night, as noted by Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky:

For the singular achievement of racking up 27 penalty minutes in one second of ice time, Canucks forward Tom Sestito was named Keith Olbermann’s worst person in the sports world. He called Sestito, among other things, a “boxing hobo on skates.” One person who took issue with that was Sestito’s 13-year-old sister Victoria.

And here’s how that went:



(Whether it should be is an entirely different question.)



Undaunted, our interepid hero made it clear that he won’t be disrespected like that by any woman, no matter her age:


Poor Keith. Sounds like he didn’t take the joke well, did he? After all, he only called her big brother a “boxing hobo on skates.” Is that really any reason for her to be so mean?

Hang in there, Keith. Maybe you can lurk around the nearest kindergarten and see if there are any 5-year-olds you can outwit. Anything’s possible.

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