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Use The Force to explore the Nissan Juke [VIDEO]

The Force is strong with Nissan’s new ad campaign for the Juke, which lets aspiring Jedi explore the car in 360 degrees with the swipe of a hand.

Nissan worked in conjunction with the Star Wars franchise to create a website showcasing the new Juke. Visitors can click on “The Force Simulator” to channel the ancient Jedi arts through their webcam, which uses the site’s recognition software to follow and respond to light and movement, allowing users to explore the Juke in its entirety.

Though most of the site is in Japanese, navigation is fairly simple and the important options for the simulator are in English. Those equipped with a lightsaber (a.k.a. light source) can select an option for the camera to follow the light, while others can just use the hand gesture option.

Start down the path, and don’t turn back, here.


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