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Here’s what apparently happens when a grown woman calls the teacher who molested her when she was 12

In the latest, freshest twist on the garden-variety teacher-student sex story, a 28-year-old woman has published a YouTube video purporting to contain an impromptu phone conversation with a middle school teacher who she says molested for several years beginning around 1997.

The 8:58 YouTube video was posted on Jan. 17. It is entitled “A call to my childhood rapist teacher.”

The woman claiming to be the victim, who refers to herself Jamie X, says the sexual encounters began when she was a student at Chemawa Middle School in Riverside, Calif.

Jamie X claims that she wanted to report the female teacher. However, she believes the statute of limitations has run.

Consequently, then, Jamie X says, she decided to call the teacher at work.

The fireworks begin about two minutes into the YouTube video. Jamie X reaches the direct line of the teacher, who since became an assistant principal. The phone rings for awhile.

“Good morning!” a chipper female voice at the other end answers. “How can I help you?”

For the duration of the three-minute phone call, Jamie X mostly asks a series of pointed, damning questions of the teacher who she says molested her 17 years ago.

“I wanted to let the public know what kind of person is around their children,” Jamie X says at the beginning of the call. She also names her alleged molester and observes that she now worrks at Alhambra High School in Alhambra, Calif.

“You’re an assistant principal, huh?” Jamie says.

The woman says she is. Then, in the answer to the next two questions, the woman says she would now report a teacher having sex with a student to police and agrees that such an incident would be no different “from what you did when I was at Chemawa Middle.”

Jamie X next charges that the woman “brainwashed” and “manipulated” her, and that the psychological effects of the relationship haunt her to this day.

“I regret it,” the woman at the other end of the line replies.

“I just wanted to help you,” the woman adds.