This is what a slow news week looks like at MSNBC [VIDEO]

As a federal holiday and a blizzard slowed political news to a crawl this week, many television journalists struggled to find enough content to pad out their hour on the air.

But not Toure, the mononymous leftist and co-host of MSNBC’s daytime politics show “The Cycle.” A true font of creativity and chutzpah, Toure isn’t afraid to push programming that makes people sit up and take notice — like, you know, repurposing a bizarre comedy act from the 1970s to push left-wing talking points.

Yes, Toure channeled Johnny Carson’s “Carnac the Magnificent” this Friday, donning a garish purple turban in a cringe-worthy segment that may require another MSNBC apology.

Gems included “John Mayer — who’s the only ‘mayor’ in New Jersey who hasn’t felt the wrath of Chris Christie,” and “Louie Vuitton heels, Oscar de la Renta dresses, Armani dresses, a Louis Vuitton purse and a Louis Vuitton raincoat — what is enough to win [former Virginia Republican governor] Bob McDonnell’s loyalty, but not enough to win Kim Kardashian’s love.”

But it wasn’t until Toure launched into a self-righteous rant on elected officials “too easily swayed” by “the corrosive influence of money” that the act really hit its stride.

“The question is ‘Why are there are so many bad apples in politics?'” he said. “It’s not funny because it’s not supposed to be, because so much of politics is already a joke, and sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying.”

So do we, Toure. So do we.

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