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GOP congressman: Professor President should give refunds [VIDEO]

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar bluntly reacted to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Speech and his announcement that he will use executive orders to circumvent Congress.

“Here’s a guy that taught the Constitution — and yet if I was one of his students I would be asking for my money back,” Gosar said.

Gosar, who has been in office since 2010 and sits as Vice Chair on the House Oversight and Government and Reform Committee, said that he believes that Obama intrinsically does not understand how the legislative system actually works.

“I don’t think he really gravitates and understands the full meaning of divided power and balance of power,” Gosar said, using the opportunity to warn the American people.

“[As] for the American public — I think they have got a problem in regards to what this President is actually going to drive for,” he added.

Gosar also dismissed the manner in which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s delivered her statement about regretting Benghazi as “cavalier” and “not meaning it.”

“The sad thing is, [is] that this administration doesn’t mean anything. They just show you… the smoke and mirrors and keep your eye off the prize,” he said. “Leadership comes with a price — it means you are responsible; you’re engaged, and you are responsible for anybody that’s doing something below. And if you know something is wrong, and you do nothing, you are as guilty as the people perpetrating that.”

Gosar explained that the pursuit for the truth over what actually transpired during the run-up to the fatal attack on the Benghazi compound and other damaging administration scandals are being stymied at every step by what he describes as “this lawless society we have back here.”

Catch the full interview with Congressman Gosar on Monday.

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