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Zombies in your living room will leave you SCREAMING for the best VR yet

An Australian-based Virtual Reality developer has just created the first wireless, fully immersive VR gaming room, and what better way to test it out than by taking on a horde of zombies right from the comfort of your own home?

“Inversion,” a project by Zero Latency, a VR developer housed in Melbourne’s warehouse district, creates the most exciting gaming experience yet using a wireless version of the breakthrough Oculus Rift VR headset, traceable realistic weapons, and a room full of tracking cameras.

Using Inversion, any room can now become another world, and in the case of Zero Latency’s first beta game project, that world is full of zombies, which are significantly more terrifying in VR according to the panicked screams from players.

Project Grey, which tested the tech first hand, describes it like this:

“You’re in an alleyway, you’re backed into a corner, and there’s no escape.  There’s a corpse on the ground, and a burning trashcan for light.  Ambient horror music sings through your ears.  You look up and notice how clear the stars are in the sky.”

“Suddenly, on the wall across from the entrance to the alley, a silhouette twice your height lurches into view, followed by another.  The source:  Zombies.  At first, one or two start to shuffle around the corner.  You take a deep breath, and start headshotting.”

“Your head shots turn to spray and pray.  Soon you know there is no escape, but you go down guns blazing.”

“The lights go up, the zombies disappear, and you take off the Oculus.  Suddenly you’re back in a warehouse, with pizza boxes, beer bottles and post it notes.  Three guys at a computer have just watched you prance around an empty room like you were in the scene from flashdance, but with machine guns.”

Prior to Zero Latency’s Inversion project, the best VR headsets in the world – including the Oculus Rift – limited the experience to the length of cable running to a computer and other hardware. Inversion’s wireless backpack changes all that in a revolutionary way.

Couple that with the tactile sensation of a gun instead of a controller, and you have the most seamless VR experience yet.


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