Here are the highlights of the opening ceremony so you don’t have to watch [SLIDESHOW]

The opening ceremony in Sochi was a colorful affair filled with lights, people and the inevitable malfunction or two. There were inflatable Russian villages and a pleasant nod to communism. Strange Lady Gaga figures led each country out into the arena. Unfortunately, no dogs interrupted the proceedings.

Take a look at some of the highlights of the Ruski spectacular, so you can do more productive things with your Friday night.

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  • The only part that matters: The USA getting ready to dominate the games.
  • A Lady Gaga-esque attendant led a whole bunch of Canadians in.
  • They recreated scenes that look like the movie Anastasia.
  • There was some dance about communism and babies.
  • Inflatables representing St. Basil's Cathedral were colorful and cheery.
  • There was a cheery celebration of communism thrown in there.
  • Light up horses joined the fun.
  • Lit up figures of different winter sports were hung from the ceiling.
  • Dancers that resemble angels or ghosts did their creepy thing.
  • The 2014 Winter Olympic mascots are a hare, a bear and a leopard.
  • Of course there was a malfunction when only four of five snowflakes opened to created the Olympic rings.
  • It began with a floating nomadic scene complete with a reindeer.
  • Putin looked every part the dictator lording over the ceremony.
  • Fireworks exploded over the stadium in Russian colors.

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