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‘Rapper’s Delight’ fight: FOX’s Bret Baier welcomes a ‘rap-off’ with NBC’s Brian Williams [VIDEO]

Before there was Jimmy Fallon’s expert video editing of NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams rapping the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” on the first week of the new Tonight Show, there was prime-time Fox News Channel anchor Bret Baier rapping the song live and unedited.

“I’m ready for a rap-off anytime,” Baier told the Washington, D.C.-based 105.9 FM WMAL radio show “Mornings on the Mall” on Friday.

The Fox News host went on to praise the editor of the NBC video: “It’s strong, really strong.”


In 2011, Bret Baier participated in the 52nd annual Bob Hope Classic, a charity golf tournament held in La Quinta, California. Baier was asked to perform on stage and he admitted to the audience that he only knew a certain rap song.

Baier also praised the NBC video on Twitter: